I teach corporate managers to speak the language of finance...

…to be confident in meetings when financial topics come up…

…to be persuasive in financially justifying your decisions…

…to become more promotable.

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  • I believe that you are already and always have been a Trusted Value Creator® because…
  • You’ve been delegated significant products and responsibilities.
  • You’ve mastered your technical specialty.
  • You’re on the fast track of career progress but…


  • You’d like to be more confident in discussions when numbers come up.
  • You want to connect your technical expertise to your leader’s financial goals.
  • You feel you deserve stronger consideration for the next promotion.

If these are your goals, it’s time to learn Finance as a Second Language®.


  • You’ve been exposed to a lot of finance on the job but something’s missing.
  • You searched online but that still didn’t help you connect the dots.
  • You tried academic programs but they’re theoretical and not directly tailored to your day-to-day.

Look, I get it. You're definitely not alone. YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING…

  • Can I find financial training that’s tailored for experienced corporate managers?
  • Is there a financial training that focuses on language, not numbers?
  • Can I find a program that teaches “have to knows”, and dispenses with the “nice to knows.”
  • Can learn just the finance I need – quickly and easily?

The answer to your questions is YES!

  • I know the result you want.  I promise to get you there.
  • I’ve already trained thousands of corporate managers at Fortune 500 companies worldwide for over three decades to Speak the Language of Finance®. (Check out the Testimonials menu above.)
  • I’ve developed for you a unique system for corporate managers like you to quickly add financial language to your toolkit.
Enter your email to get my GAME-CHANGING FREE CONTENT to quickly learn the finance you need to be more confident, persuasive, and promotable.

Here's What My Graduates and Their Leaders Say About My Programs

“Toshi’s program is essential for R&D/Product Marketing teams to align and learn more about financial elements and language. He provides a working template for teams to gather their thoughts and ideas in a very well-organized flow. It allows teams to present to executive management why they need to invest in their programs.”


VP/GM of Product Management, Siemens

“Toshi’s program is connected to what we are doing in real life. He creates links between what I know, what happens in the business, and how I should articulate and communicate that to my management. I can make better decisions and actually connect to the way we are making decisions. I would definitely recommend the program both to my colleagues and to the company.”


Senior Director of Product Management, Hewlett Packard

“The primary impact of Toshi’s course is it creates greater alignment between teams, finance teams, lines of business in terms of really having a common language around projects and investments. And just being able to accelerate our efforts because of that common language. My newfound knowledge and language will really help to shape some really big decisions. In a business the size of mine, we’re talking millions of dollars of impact.”


Global Head of Product, Zendesk

“It was important for Longs to develop – at the director level and above – an understanding of how we make money and create value for our shareholders. Toshi’s program resulted in better day-to-day decision making, increased accountability, and improved collaboration among business units. I would absolutely recommend it to any organization.”


Retired EVP/CFO of Longs Drugs

“I manage a team with a $250 million product line.  I recommend Toshi’s program for people who manage product lines, who own P&Ls, and who forecast new revenue lines, because it helps them make better decisions, make better assumptions when they are forecasting, and balance value, risk and long-term growth.”


Director of Product Management, Intuit

“For tech companies it is not so much if there are options to grow the portfolio as it is which options can also get the appropriate ROI. Toshi’s program helps technologists add the financial element to their decision-making process. Toshi’s program is a must have for any technology company regardless of the market they are in.”

Michael Buehler-Garcia

VP of Product Management, Siemens

“Most engineers in the team are not thinking about value. We’re thinking about challenging problems to solve. We didn’t really have the tools. Toshi’s program was the first one that changes the discussion and brings finance into the creation, the design, the evolution, the maintenance of products and bring it in as Value.”

Anant Adke

VP of Engineering, Siemens

“What I’ve learned in Toshi’s program, and what I find really reassuring and exciting, is that it’s all about numbers being a tool and a means to better decisions.  What it has done for me is it’s given me a different vocabulary to be able to express the value that I bring and that my organization brings. It really has given me the language that I can now use to express that.”


Global Product General Manager, Amgen

“Toshi’s program has really made clear to me that I have a very direct impact on value in my business. It’s given me a lot of confidence that I can now apply this language of finance to drive value in a way that relates back to leadership, and the things that are important to them.”


President, USA Today at Gannett

“Toshi taught our engineers to assess their technical innovations based on financial principles and offered guidance for their excitement about new technologies based on the value they can provide. All graduates have visibly shifted the focus of their work towards value for the customer, which, in return, accelerates the business success of our company.”

Steffen Schulze

VP Product Management, Siemens

“Toshi’s class helped everyone on my team to translate the expertise they already have in their non-financial areas (marketing, R&D) into the financial language that I need to make decisions and manage them. His class is absolutely essential to promote that thinking.”


VP Engineering, Siemens

“ Toshi’s program is one of the best courses I’ve been to. I’m really pleased I got the whole team here. I think we go away from this armed with a lot of resources to be better in business. We go back already speaking the same language. It really cuts down on the learning curve. We can just immediately jump into doing analysis and improve our business as a result.”


Chairman and CEO, TheraCell. Inc.

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