~Toshi Shibano, PhD

If you're here ...

  • I imagine you are a leader at the VP level or above with a great management team. 
  • They prepare plans, manage budgets, and produce results for you.
  • They are experts in their function and they love what they do.
  • And happily they are doing a great job for you!

But if you're like many of the leaders I work with ...

You’re probably wondering how much better their results could be:

  • if they deeply understood their impact on the bottom line,
  • if they shared a common language focused on driving company value,
  • and if they consistently delivered financially grounded plans and decisions.

Look, I get it. You're definitely not alone.

These are the challenges of many leaders I’ve worked with. So you might be asking yourself …

  • Can I feel confident that my team is focused on the right financial goals?
  • Can I trust my managers with more resources and more responsibilities?
  • Can I be sure that I’m developing a deep bench of promotable managers?

The answer to your questions is YES!

  • I can help you get exactly what you want.
  • I’ve done this for hundreds of business leaders at companies worldwide for over three decades.
  • And through this, I’ve created a unique customized training called Trusted Value/Creator® that has helped companies generate millions of dollars of impact.

If you’re ready to upgrade your team, click on the scheduling link to so we can discuss the possibilities.

“It was important for Longs to develop – at the director level and above – an understanding of how we make money and create value for our shareholders. Toshi’s program resulted in better day-to-day decision making, increased accountability, and improved collaboration among business units. I would absolutely recommend it to any organization.”

Steve McCann

Retired EVP/CFO of Longs Drugs

“Toshi’s program has really made clear to me that I have a very direct impact on value in my business. It’s given me a lot of confidence that I can now apply this language of finance to drive value in a way that relates back to leadership, and the things that are important to them.”

Maribel Wadsworth

President, USA Today at Gannett

“For tech companies it is not so much if there are options to grow the portfolio as it is which options can also get the appropriate ROI. Toshi’s program helps technologists add the financial element to their decision-making process. Toshi’s program is a must have for any technology company regardless of the market they are in.”

Michael Buehler-Garcia

VP Product Management, Siemens

“ Toshi’s program is one of the best courses I’ve been to. I’m really pleased I got the whole team here. I think we go away from this armed with a lot of resources to be better in business. We go back already speaking the same language. It really cuts down on the learning curve. We can just immediately jump into doing analysis and improve our business as a result.”

Bradley Patt

Chairman and CEO, TheraCell. Inc.

“The primary impact of Toshi’s course is it creates greater alignment between teams, finance teams, lines of business in terms of really having a common language around projects and investments. And just being able to accelerate our efforts because of that common language. My newfound knowledge and language will really help to shape some really big decisions. In a business the size of mine, we’re talking millions of dollars of impact.”

Paxton Cooper

Global Head of Product, Zendesk

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